Know the way, go the way, show the way

Mr. Kishore Laxmidas Thakkar

Chief promoter and founder

As a librarian, accountant, manager and ultimately an entrepreneur, Mr. Kishore Laxmidas Thakkar indoctrinates the philosophy that while success lies in many trades, it comes in a single shade- perseverance. His rustic background enabled him to see business and life in the same light which brought fame to the Japanese Kanban- respect for one and all. Despite the lack of a formal engineering education, his aptitude for science and technology was accomplished enough to be acknowledged with the President of India award by The Honorable George Fernandes, erstwhile Industry Minister of India, back in 1977 for development of steel especially ST52.3 din 17100 grade for chassis long members. The development was in association with Rourkela Steel plant (SAIL). Fondly called in the industry as the Father of Roll Forming Technology and chassis frame manufacturing, Mr. Kishore Laxmidas Thakkar has shot forward his legacy for posterity to imbibe, which enkindles the flame of excellence within the spirit that resides only in a family-led business. As Kahlil Gibran so eloquently describes, ‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.’ The same sentiment resonates within all at KLT as we bask in the glory of his endeavor.

Mrs. Sushila Kishore Thakkar

Non-executive director

Mr. Bhavin Kishore Thakkar

Chief promoter and founder

Mr. Bhavin Thakkar epitomizes the idea of ‘The Great Indian Story’. His story of transformation from a mechanical engineer to the authority who spearheaded the outsourced chassis frames revolution in India traces the same illustrious path as that of the Indian automotive industry. It is no wonder then, that he is rightfully called the CHASSIS MAN of India. A visionary by profession, Mr. Bhavin Thakkar introduced tubular chassis frames back in 1993, a feat that was unheard of before. With several industry firsts in the country such as manual bending of tubular chassis side members, its autophoretic process, robotic welding of chassis frames, manufacturing by hydro forming process, laser punching, etc, Mr. Thakkar has graced the company with innumerable engineering accolades which has now become second nature for the company. Mr Bhavin Thakkar’s tenacity and knack of achieving novel engineering practices is unparalleled in Indian automotive history and something every member of KLT group is proud of.

Mr. Jubin Kishore Thakkar

Chairman & Managing Director

Since the company’s inception, Mr. Thakkar personifies KLT’s commitment to its culture of operational excellence, customer centricity and its craft for high quality. Mr. Thakkar has steered the company in the direction of fiscal prudence that has enabled the company to securely service the growth imperatives of clients. He has been instrumental in amalgamating KLT’s knowledge base and has laid the foundation for consolidated growth. He has played a strategic role in several landmark projects that KLT undertook across geographies. He has been forerunning stalwart when it comes to technology trends and systems policies of leading corporations and its timely incorporation within KLT’s own ecosystem.

Ms. Miloni Bhavin Thakkar

Joint Managing Director

With close to a decade’s experience in the company, Ms. Thakkar has been responsible for driving excellence in key programs & initiatives at KLT Group and has enshrined a tradition of quality-based innovation in the company. Ms. Thakkar has been spearheading the philosophy of financial prudence and effectiveness that enables KLT to pass on crucial monetary benefits to its clients. By promoting a steady balance of technology backed and cost-effective solutions, Ms. Thakkar has pivoted KLT onto a unique position in the industry that makes the company ideal for a comprehensive partnership for OEMs world over. Being a 3rd generation leader, Ms. Thakkar has claimed the baton to lead the company into the future.

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