Hydroforming Components : Products Range

Hydroforming is a process to expand metal tubes through high water pressure from inside in a closed forming Die. Hollow parts can be formed with a complex outer shape and special characteristics through hydroforming process. The hydroforming process can be employed for sheet forming components as well as tube forming components.

Hydroforming provides several advantages versus traditional stamped and welded structures including:

  • Reduced mass
  • Reduced tooling costs
  • Part integration and reduced part costs
  • Integration of piercing and / or punching operations
  • Elimination of pinch weld flange
  • Improvements to dimensional repeatability

When used with high strength steels hydroforming is able to produce structurally superior parts with thinner sections at a reduced mass.

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IP Beam

Roof Rails

Exhaust Pipe

Engine Cradle

Side Member

Frame Rails

Front side member

Rear side member

Cross member rear

Crash box member